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November 11th, 2014, 12:00 am


Knots is Launched!

Hello readers!

This is my first comic and surprisingly it's a "(not so) slice of life/romance" genre?! It is 200% crack fiction and not really serious most of the time. To be honest I'm still experimenting with formatting, style, and the story itself. (I kind of dived face first into this without really thinking it through ^^;.) But since it's my first, I'd also like to hear your thoughts or suggestions in the comments :>!

Just to address a few things:
-It's read left to right.
-I don't plan to update periodically. New pages will upload when I can OTL so please be patient with me.
-Depending on how well this goes I may/may not continue to the end. AKA it may get dropped if I suddenly lose interest. Sorry!
-I want to apologize for the lackluster art. I've resorted to drawing rushed/sloppily. (Goodlordbackgroundsareahugepain) If things progress well I may go back and update "better" versions.
-There are about 16+ chapters planned out now and I'm still writing.
-Important: the story will potentially progress to mature audience content. However at this point it is relatively safe. When it reaches that point, I will update the rating and put notices of mature/triggering content before chapters just in case.

But without further ado, I really hope you enjoy it!

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