Characters-under construction

Carter Scully

Carter Scully Carter Scully is a college student and the main character of the story. He has a tendency to over think and jumps to conclusions. Carter can be a coward and occasionally clumsy but he's an honest person. He gets embarrassed easily making him an easy target for teasing. He's had an unrequited crush on Leena for most of his life and is struggling to move on.

Scott Elmer

Scott Elmer Scott Elmer is Carter's best friend since high school and is also his roommate. Enjoys socializing and has a touchy-feely personality. This becomes exaggerated especially when he becomes drunk. He is quite optimistic and is always helping Carter through thick and thin. Though he does enjoy embarrassing Carter just as much.

Leena Maddox

Leena Maddox Leena, a.k.a. Lee, used to live in the same city as Carter when they were children and thus classmates in elementary school. However due to an incident, Lee abruptly disappeared and hasn't had contact with Carter for ~12 years. But Lee suddenly returns, what craziness will ensue and what secrets are to be revealed?!

Trish Paradin

Trish Paradin Trish is a kind and outgoing girl who has a penchant for baking, knitting, and martial arts. One summer during a mixer Scott introduces Trish and Carter who later become good friends. There's a rumor going around that she's interested in Carter? Though the truth of the matter is still unclear.